CityJSConf is a one day conference, a joint event from the London's JavaScript meetups, including London JS Community, JS Monthly, Halfstack

This is a fantastic opportunity for those meetups that bring great speakers from London and the rest of UK and the world to come together to share their collective knowledge about modern JavaScript development. The event takes place at the heart of London, in one of the best Universities in the UK.


CityJSConf we will be hosting a debate between Kyle Simpson and Dylan Schiemann on the merits of Strong and Weak typing in JavaScript moderated by Luca Mezallira.

One of the biggest strengths and weaknesses, pun intended, is the weakly typed nature of JavaScript. In this debate, we’ll consider the value and benefits of adding development time type systems such as TypeScript vs. limitations they may impose.

Kyle Simpson

Founder, Teacher, Mentor.

Luca Mezallira

Debate's Moderator

Dylan Schiemann

Dojo - SitePen

Get Involved

We are now giving you the opportunity to get involved in our debate asking Dylan and Kyle a question, best questions will be picked and asked during our session.

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Welcome and Registration

Coffee and Tea and breakfast will be provided

Kyle Simpson Workshop Day 1

A workshop on ES6: The Good Parts

With the advent of ES6 (aka ES2015) a few years back, the log jam holding back improvements to the JS language design was finally unstuck. But with it came a flood of new language features, into an already overwhelmingly crowded and fragmented ecosystem of JS tools and frameworks. And JS changes just keep coming and coming. For many, this pace of change can be very intimidating and frustration.

This workshop is to give you a different perspective on the "right parts" of the latest changes in JS that you should focus on learning first. To motivate that effort, we need to understand what ES6 was really all about: declarative code readability. ES6 isn't about shiny new toys to do entirely new things, but rather about doing old things, better.

We'll explore a variety of langauge additions from this perspective -- always asking, how does this improve the readability of code I have always written before -- including: arrow functions, block scoping, defaults, spread/rest, destructuring, iterators, generators, and more.

If you've been wondering when you'll ever find the time to learn all this new stuff in JS, don't worry. This workshop is designed to help you focus on the parts you need to learn first and give you the "right" perspective on language feature improvements.More Info

Welcome and Registration

Coffee and Tea and breakfast will be provided

Kyle Simpson Workshop Day 2

A workshop on Node Fundamentals

Unquestionably, Node.js is one of the most exciting movements in the history of JavaScript. It's opened up a wide swath of new tasks that JS developers can tackle, and offers the unprecedented capability to write code and share that logic between the browser and the server.

But just knowing JS the language, or even being able to sling it around in browser web applications, is only a tiny slice of what you need to be able to write effective code in Node.js.

This all hands-on coding workshop will guide you through the basics and intermediate foundations that make up solid and robust Node.js programming, including: Command-line Interface (CLI) programming, file system operations, asynchronous coding, streams, modules/packages/npm, socket and HTTP handling, database persistence, and more!


Philip Stockwell

Developer Advocate @Microsoft

To be provided soon

More info

Alex Lakatos

Developer Advocate @Mozilla, Nexmo

To be provided soon

More info

Pete Heard


Building Scalable React Native Apps

More info

Stephanie Nemeth

Frontend Dev @Werkspot and Co-organiser of the Stupid Hackathon Amsterdam

How to make your LEDs better listeners- Leveraging MQTT protocol to communicate with hardware from the web

More info

Kartik Venkatesh

Chief Architect @Trunomi

gRPC microservices using NodeJS

More info

Jonathan Fielding

Engineering Manager @Beamly

How to make pragmatic choices around developer experience vs user experience

More info

Mark Wubben

Dojo - AvaJS - IstanbulJS

Value Comparisons How Do I Even?

More info

Kadi Kraman

Software Engineer at Formidable Labs (@FormidableLabs)

Getting started with Apollo GraphQL: an opinionated end to end journey with Node.js and React

More info

Alvin Ourrad

Functional Programmer @BBC, Cloud Architect, Learner, Speaker

How I fell in love with unidirectional Data Flow and functional programming (+ WebGL demo)

More info

Yan Cui

Functional Programmer, Cloud Architect, Learner, Speaker

Applying principles of chaos engineering to Serverless

More info

Lucas Fernandes da Costa

Chai Core Team, Sinon maintainer

JavaScript Behind The Scenes - Meta Programming

More info


CityJSConf is proudly presenting two Workshop opportunities with the JS titan Kyle Simpson.

The workshops will take place on the modern lecture rooms of City University and it will be for 35 attendees on the following two subjects:

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